For 2018, Hope is concentrating on Awareness and teaching

Hope had very successful fundraising events for 2016 and 2017. Hope is planning to bring Dr. Pella and Dr. Guerrero together into one location under one roof to provide optimum care to their patients, with the help and support of Hope Across The Globe.  At this clinic, Hope also wants to focus on providing its patients with free services, discount medicine and educational services.  If successful, Hope will also provide discounted medicine for infants, of parents that have HIV/AIDS in the Jacksonville and surrounding area.  Providing medicine for the infected infants is one of Hope main focus of its awareness campaign.  Hope will also continue its Awareness Campaign in the surrounding area.  Jacksonville, FL has the third highest HIV/AIDS rate per capital in the United States.   Other campaigns, that Hope will be accomplishing is educational CME Programs for local physicians.  Hope is also going to bring in other infectious disease doctors from outside the United States, for a week in the clinic in Jacksonville, to participate and learn from Dr. Pella and Dr. Guerrero.  This year we will be training Dr. Cesar Gantes, who is the medical director of the HIV clinic in Comarca Gnabe-Bugle, San Felix, Panama and Dr. Castillo from Peru.