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SOS: Sisters Organizing To Survive

April 20th, 2018|

SOS: Sistas Organizing to Survive Conference: The Florida Department of Health hosted the first SOS: Sistas Organizing to Survive conference in Orlando, FL. Almost 600 consumers, health providers, and community leaders participated in the

Hope Provides Supplies To Panama Clinic

April 12th, 2018|

These photos were taken on a Dr. Pella's recent trip to an HIV clinic in San Felix, Panama. He is shown in the clinic receiving HIV supplies donated by Hope Across the Globe.

For 2018, Hope is concentrating on Awareness and teaching

January 7th, 2018|

Hope had very successful fundraising events for 2016 and 2017. Hope is planning to bring Dr. Pella and Dr. Guerrero together into one location under one roof to provide optimum care to their patients,


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