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Treatment, Awareness, Education, Hope.

HOPE Across the Globe, Inc. is a newly formed local medical nonprofit organization in Jacksonville. While the group behind this 501(c) 3 may be small, its projects are large and far reaching. Dr. Pella and Dr. Guerrero provide inpatient/outpatient care for patients diagnosed with HIV and/or AIDS on a daily basis.  The group has provided an Awareness Campaign in the local Jacksonville area with free HIV testing, funding for testing of local high risk populations as well as provided medications, supplies and educational materials to a rural hospital and HIV clinics in western Panama and Lima, Peru.

Some Of The Ways Hope Across The Globes Helps

  • Providing patients with free services, discount medicine and educational services

  • Providing medicine for infected infants

  • Educational CME Programs for local physicians

  • Training for infectious disease Doctors from outside the U.S.